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Automotive Crystal (AEC-Q200)

If you’re searching for a miniature AEC-Q200 qualified crystal for pairing with your automotive project then GRX-330 presents an ideal solution. Encased within a miniature 3.2×2.5mm ceramic package with seam sealed metal lid for durability, the GRX-330 is our most popular component within our specialist GRX automotive-qualified range of crystals.

All GRX crystals operate in fundamental mode for maximum performance, and the GRX-330 is available with tight stabilities of up to ±10ppm or even tighter if requested. With a wide range of circuit conditions available the GRX-330 is flexible enough to meet the needs of your design, not force your design to meet its needs, and it also features excellent aging of only ±3ppm in the first year of performance, ensuring design longevity.

  • AEC-Q200 qualified for automotive applications
  • Vacuum seal for excellent long-term stability
  • High reliability at low cost
  • Metal lid can be grounded to minimise EMI

GRX-330 Datasheet

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