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ATLAS Digital Amplifiers Expand Flexibility with New Communication Capabilities

PMD announced that its ATLAS® digital amplifiers, featuring the highest power density in the industry, can now be used with third party microprocessors or field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) via Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communications.

ATLAS Digital Amplifier Has New Communication CapabilitiesOriginally designed to be used in conjunction with Performance Motion Devices’ Magellan® motion control ICs, ATLAS digital amplifiers can now communicate through SPI with third party controllers, significantly increasing the range of applications and designs where ATLAS can be deployed. ATLAS digital amplifiers are suitable for robotics, medical devices, laboratory equipment, scientific instruments, fan and pump control, precision motion and industrial motor control.

  • Ultra efficient all digital solderable power amplifier
  • Controls brushless DC, step, and DC brush motors
  • Available in 75 W, 250 W, and 500 W power levels
  • Operating supply voltage range of 12 V to 56 V
  • Field oriented control
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, and undervoltage protection
  • Single supply operation from motor bus voltage
  • Fully digital current control
  • I2t current foldback limiting
  • On-board performance trace and motor parameter storage in NVRAM
  • Multi-motor version allows motor type to be programmed by user
  • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) eliminates analog +/- 10 V torque signals
  • Standalone pulse & direction step motor operation
  • Internal temperature monitor
  • Two different package sizes available
  • Enable input and Fault output safety interlocks
  • Works with Magellan® ICs, FPGAs or microprocessor based controllers
  • Comes in horizontal and vertical mount configurations
  • Digital SPI torque command with checksum

PMD Atlas Datasheet

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