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Are You Looking for Complete Analog and Interface Design Solutions?

Microchip’s integrated analog technology, peripherals and features are engineered to meet today’s demanding design require-ments. Our broad spectrum of analog products addresses thermal management, power management, battery management, mixed-signal, linear, interface and safety and security solutions. Combined with Microchip’s Intelligent Analog microcontrollers, our extensive analog portfolio can be used in thousands of high-performance design applications in the automotive, communications (wireless), consumer, computing and industrial control markets.

Analog and Interface products:

  • Thermal Management
  • Motor Drivers
  • Power Management
  • Display and LED Drivers
  • High-Voltage Interface
  • Linear
  • Mixed Signal
  • Interface and Networking
  • CO and Smoke Detector ICs
  • Ultrasound

Analog and Interface Product Selector Guide

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