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All-in-One Flyback Power IC with Capacitive Isolation for 25W to 65W AC-DCs

The MPX2001 combines four flyback ICs into one power IC with UL-qualified 4.5kVrms capacitive isolation and 8.4mm primary-to-secondary PCB clearance. Advanced continuous conduction mode (CCM) secondary-side control improves dynamic performance over traditional solutions and provides quick short circuit and over voltage protection.
Multi-chip integration eliminates multiple passive components, resulting in PCB board space saving and a BOM reduction up to 50%. The MPX2001 achieves as low as 15mW standby power loss while allowing design optimization with customer-preferred primary and secondary MOSFETs.

  • Isolation Voltage >4500VAC
  • UL1577 and IEC 62368 Safety Approved
  • 100% Production HIPOT Test at 4.5kVrms/50Hz
  • 650V Integrated HV Current Source
  • 200V Integrated SR Controller, Supporting both DCM and CCM Operation
  • Incorporates Primary Driving Circuit, Secondary Controller, and Synchronous Rectification Driver
  • Extremely Low Operating Current in Standby Mode
  • Frequency Modulation and Peak Current Mode Control with Slope Compensation,Line Compensation, and Leading Edge Blanking
  • Adjustable Cable Drop Compensation
  • OVP, POCP, Real Secondary-Sense Output OLP, Internal/External B/O and B/I, SCP, Current-Sensing Short Protection, Internal Thermal Shutdown, UVLO, and Ext.P
  • Available in a SOICW-20 Package

Evaluation Kit: EVX2001-Y-00B


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