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AL361A-EVB-A1 HDMI/AHD-to-HDMI Multi-Channel Video Processing Evaluation Kit

This evaluation board (EVB), AL361A-EVB-A1 demonstrates 4K Multi-Channel display function with HDMI/AHD video signals. This EVB includes HDMI receivers and AHD receivers. HDMI receiver, IT6604 which supports two 1080 60p inputs, and AHD receiver, NVP6134 which supports two 1080 30p inputs, IT6604 and NVP6134 can be enabled through AL361’s internal MCU.
There are two output ports designed on this EVB, One is HDMI output through HDMI transmitter chip (Silicon Image Sil9136), the other one is digital output connector through the AL361 output bus.
There are more hardware’s functions designed in this EVB, such as keypads, and GPIO. It has many video display modes and users interfaces, such as 4K picture-in-picture and 4K full screen. These functions can be uploaded by an USB Debug Tool.

SKU: 12346
  • One AHD 1080 30p input, one HDMI 1080 60p input, and one 4K2K HDMI output
  • 4K2K PiP, PoP and full screen display
  • ISP (In-System-Program) program upload supported

AL361 – UHD 4K2K Dual-channel Video Processor


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