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8-channel, Synchronous, 50V Boost, WLED Driver with I2C Interface

MP3371 and MP3372 are 3-30V input voltage, 8-channel, max 50mA/channel, synchronous, 50V Boost WLED Driver with I2C Interface and Phase Shift(MP3372). MP3371 and MP3372 support Analog/PWM/Mix dimming mode with Step-Slope Set Linear Smooth Dimming, they employ a low on-resistor MOSFET for higher efficiency and provides standard I2C digital interface for easy use, and MP3372 provides the Phase-shift function can effectively reduce the audible noise. Robust protections are available to guarantee safety operation including OCP, OVP, OTP, LED Short & Open and Diode Short protections. MP3371 and MP3372 are available in QFN-24 (4×4) package, designed for driving the white LED arrays as backlighting.

  • 8 Channels, Max 50mA, 45V VOUT, I2C interface
  • 3V to 30V Input Voltage
  • Max 2.5% Current Matching
  • A1 Pins for 2 PCS IC Selection
  • Unused LED String Auto-Disable During Start-Up
  • Free for Adjacent Pin Short Test
  • Available in QFN-24 (4mmx4mm) Package
  • 10000:1 PWM Dimming Ratio at 100Hz
  • 350kHz to 2.4MHz Selectable fSW
  • Selectable Synchronous or Non-Synchronous Mode
  • Analog and Mix Dimming
  • Linear Smooth Dimming Slope Set
  • Phase Shift Function (MP3372)
  • LED Short/Open, OTP, and OCP Protections

MP3371 MP3372GR

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