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5V to 60V, Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Pre-Driver AEC-Q100 Qualified

MPQ6531-AEC1 is a 5V to 60V, three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Pre-Driver. It integrates a regulated charge pump to generate gate drive power and an internal trickle-charge circuit to maintain a sufficient high-side gate driver voltage at 100% duty cycle. Robust internal safety features including programmable SCP, OCP, adjustable dead-time control, thermal shutdown and UVLO protection are available. The MPQ6531-AEC1 is available in a small QFN-28 (4mmx5mm) package. It’s designed to drive automotive grade three-Phase Brushless DC Motors like automotive fans, blowers, actuators, fuel and water pumps, etc.

Product Features:

  • Wide 5V to 60V Input Voltage Range
  • Charge Pump Gate Drive Supply
  • Bootstrap High-Side Driver with Trickle-Charge Circuit Supports 100% Duty Cycle Operation
  • Low-Power Sleep Mode
  • Programmable Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-Current Protection
  • Adjustable Dead-Time Control to Prevent Shoot-Through
  • Thermal Shutdown and UVLO Protection
  • Fault Indication Output
  • Thermally Enhanced Surface-Mounted Package
  • Available in AEC-Q100 Grade 1


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