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3rd evolution of the EVE graphic controller series

Bridgetek announced the full availability of BT815 / BT816 devices now. As well as delivering graphic control for display resolutions upto 800 x 600 pixels with true 24 bit colour depth and integrated touch (BT815 – capacitive / BT816 – resistive) there are a number of enhancements from the first two generations.

A dedicated flash host port enables dedicated off chip memory to be used for asset storage freeing up valuable system SPI bandwidth. ASTC compression support further enhances memory usage with this very compact algorithm, whilst the addition of Unicode support makes using mixed fonts simpler. Audio has also been enhanced, changing from an analogue output to a digital one.

Supporting the IC release are 2 new VM816C credit card sized modules. These modules may be supplied with an SPI interface (VM816C50) for direct interfacing with your embedded system or USB (VM816CU5) which enables rapid connection with a PC and the free support tools offered by Bridgetek.

Each module supports a 5” display which may be optionally supplied with the module.

Key Hardware Features:

  • BT815/6 functionality includes graphic control, audio control, and touch control interface.
  • Support multiple widgets for simplified design implementation
  • Support Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) format to save considerable memory space for larger fonts and graphics images
  • Support external QSPI NOR flash to fetch graphic elements(image, font, widget etc)
  • Support 4-wire resistive touch screen (BT816)
  • Support capacitive touch screen with up to 5 touches detection (BT815)
  • Hardware engine can recognize touch tags and track touch movement. Provides notification for up to 255 touch tags.
  • Programmable interrupt controller provides interrupts to host MCU
  • Built-in 12MHz crystal oscillator with PLL providing programmable system clock up to 72MHz

BT815-816 Datasheet

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