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35V, 1.5A/2.5A, Stepper Motor Driver with a built-in translator and current regulation.

The MP6500 is a stepper motor driver with a built-in translator and current regulation. Current sensing is internal and requires no external sense resistors. High integration and a small package size make the MP6500 a space-saving and cost-effective solution for bipolar stepper motor drives.

  • Dual Internal Full Bridge Driver
  • 4.5V – 35V Supply Voltage Range, 2.5A Output Current
  • Internal Current Sensing and Regulation
  • Indexer Supports up to 1/8-Step
  • Low On Resistance (HS: 195mO, LS: 170mO)
  • Automatic Current Decay
  • Over-Current and Over-Temperature Protection
  • Fault Indication Output

MP6500 MP6600 Product Release Presentation MP6500 MP6600

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