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200 Msps, 16/14-Bit Low-Power ADC with 8-Channel MUX

The MCP37D31-200 is a 16-bit pipelined A/D converter with a maximum sampling rate of 200 Msps. The high accuracy of over 74 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and over 90 dB Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) enable high precision measurements of fast input signals. The device operates at very low power consumption of 490 mW at 200 Msps including LVDS digital I/O. Lower power saving modes are available at 144 mW for Standby and 28 mW for Shutdown. The MCP37D31-200 includes many digital processing features that simplify system design, cost and power usage. These include an integrated digital down-converter with onboard NCO, decimation filters for improved SNR, individual phase, offset and gain adjustment and a fractional delay recovery for time-delay corrections in multi-channel modes. Data is available through the serial DDR LVDS or parallel CMOS interface and configured via SPI. The device is available in the TFBGA-121 and VTLA-124 packages. TFBGA-121 package is qualified for automotive applications (AEC-Q100).

  • Competitively low power consumption enables new system designs for battery-powered, portable and space-constrained applications
  • Small packages, such as a 9 × 9 mm VTLA and 8 × 8 TFBGA, are available for space-constrained designs
  • Compact BGA package eliminates the need for external reference decoupling capacitors, saving space and reducing costs
  • Feature-rich and versatile, these ADCs with their integrated Digital Signal Post-Processing (DSPP) options are well-suited for industrial/consumer data acquisition and low-power applications

MCP37231/21-200 MCP37D31/21-200

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