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100A, Scalable and Fully Integrated DC/DC Power Module with a PM Interface

The MPM3695-100 is a 100A, scalable, and fully integrated DC/DC power module with a PMBus interface. The MPM3695-100 offers a complete power solution that achieves up to 100A of output current with excellent load and line regulation over a wide input voltage range. The MPM3695-100 operates at high efficiency over a wide load range and can be paralleled to deliver up to 500A of peak current.
It has a 3.3V to 16V input voltage range and features a 0.5V to 3.3V Output Voltage Range.
MPM3695-100 boasts an ultrafast transient response time. It has auto interleaving for multi-module operation.
The dc-dc converter offers remote sense of the output voltage. Telemetry Read-back includes Vin, Vout, Iout, temperature, and faults.
The device has an output voltage, soft-start time. Protections include over-current, over-temperature, under-voltage, and under-voltage lock out.
It is PMBus 1.3 compliant and is programmable via PMBus. MPM3695-100 comes in a BGA (15mm x 30mm x 5.2mm) package.

  • 3.3V-16V Input Voltage Range
  • 0.5V to 3.3V Output Voltage Range
  • 100A Continuous Output Current, Parallel Up to 600A
  • Ultra-fast Transient Response
  • Auto-Interleaving for Multi-Module Operation
  • Remote Sense of the Output Voltage
  • PMBus 1.3 Compliant
  • Telemetry Read-back Including VIN, VOUT, IOUT, Temperature, and Faults
  • Programmable via PMBus
  • Output Voltage, Soft-start time.
  • OC/OT/OV/UV/UVLO Limits
  • PWM Mode and Switching Frequency
  • Available in BGA (15mmx30mmx5.2mm) Package


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