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0.5A, 1-cell battery charger W/I2C Control and power path

MP2664 is a 500mA, 1 Cell, Li-ion/Li-polymer battery charger with complete system power path management for simultaneously powering the System and Charging the Battery. The device is highly integrated, no need of external blocking diode, I2C interface is available for setting charging parameters and status reporting. The MP2664 provides system short-circuit protection, Built-In Robust Charging Protection, PCB Over-Temperature Protection, System Reset Function and Thermal Limiting Regulation. It’s available in a very small QFN2x2 package, suitable for such applications like Wearable Devices, BT headphones, Fitness Accessories and many more.


  • Fully Autonomous Charger for Single-Cell Li‑Ion/Li-Polymer Batteries
  • Complete Power Path Management for Simultaneously Powering the System and Charging theBattery
  • ±0.5% Charging Voltage Accuracy
  • 13V Maximum Voltage for the Input Source
  • I2C Interface for Setting Charging Parameters and Status Reporting
  • Fully Integrated Power Switches and No External Blocking Diode Required
  • Built-In Robust Charging Protection Including Battery Temperature Monitoring and Programmable Timer
  • PCB Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)
  • System Reset Function
  • Built-In Battery Disconnection Function
  • Thermal Limiting Regulation On-Chip
  • Available in a QFN-10 (2mmx2mm) Package


Datasheet MPS2664 on request


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