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Substitute Paper by e-Paper Displays is the Main Objective

Because paper is the primary material for writing and keeping records and because it is feasible to make paper in all sizes and ranges, it is ubiquitous in a wide variety of forms including books and magazines, notebooks, printed materials, notes, wallpaper, and photographic paper.

“Substitute paper by e-paper applications is E Ink’s primary objective.”

E Ink’s control over their electronic ink particles is already extremely accurate and fine. They have even launched multi-color and four-color e-paper products which have made for a more expansive range of e-paper applications.

E Ink’s e-paper’s most important properties are: reflective display, wide viewing angles, thinness, flexibility, breaking-resistance, ultra-low power, not overheating, being able to be cut, and being able to be used in a large variety of sizes. Its low power consumption and low-heat characteristics make e-paper extremely suitable for use in public space furnishings.


Alcom offers EPD Controllers to provide complete e-Paper based design solutions.



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