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New Industrial PCAP product line with GPIO feature

R Line the new Industrial PCAP product line from Rocktouch Ltd includes a completely new set of features. One of the most important and innovative function on R Line product is the I/O pins available for customer applications needs.

R Line touch controller board is designed with a dedicated GPIO connector, each pin can be used by our customers to drive specific functions dedicated to their applications. For Example as showed in the video customers can set one of the avalaible pins in order to “freeze” the PCAP and allow all the cleaning procedure on the display without the risk to activate the touch screen.

All the R Line products support GPIO feature and we support our customers in the integration process of their pcap touch solutions.

RockTouch Benefits:

  • Simple and Clean Design
    – The embedded design for all the product line with Industrial Temperature Range.
  • Best SNR
    – Highest Signal Noise Ration in the market to help customer to pass High Voltage EMC up to 30V/m
  • Industrial COF Design
    – Rocktouch COF is designed to be strong for electronic noise and also mechanical stress
  • Stunning Standard Cover Lens
    – If customers don’t want to pay the tooling cost he can use our standard cover lens with the same design between all the sizes and between old and new cover lens
  • Fast and Customized Firmware
    – Rocktouch team can customize Firmware for different application in a very fast lead time without any tooling fee
  • Driver support
    – Full driver support for any operating system in the market

The following video show an example of GPIO feature usage. A common button is connected to one pin of the R Line controller board, when the user push the button the touch screen stop working until user push again the button.

R Line Brochure

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