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Displays for low-power devices

Multi-faceted EA DOG product family especially designed for low-power handheld applications. They are all operated at 3.3 V as a standard and require hardly more than 150 ~ 350 µA. The optional LED illumination is also designed for 3.3 V. The brightest white LED starts at 3 mA.
The panels, which are only 2 mm thick, are currently available as text and graphic displays in 10 different sizes and five different display technologies: as transmissive, reflective or blue STN as well as positive or negative FSTN. All technologies are standard and available starting from 1 unit. The displays can be combined with six separate backlights in white, amber, blue, red, yellow/green and full colour by simply plugging them together.


  • Extremely compact at 36,0×27,5 mm at the standard font size of 2.6 mm (4 x 10)
  • Ultra-flat at 2.0 mm without backlight or 4.6 mm including LED backlight
  • SPI interface (2-/3-/4-wire) and I²C (2-wire)
  • Typical power consumption of only 440µA in full operation (LED white backlight as of 3mA)
  • Easy installation by simply soldering into the board
  • A whole range of design variants can be supplied as of single units
  • Changing background color

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