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AMT’s Touch Display Solutions

AMT’s Touch Display Solutions (TDS) is a complete module consisting of touch panel, touch controller, industrial grade LCD panel, controller firmware, and software. In addition, customers can request the following services:

  • AMT sourced or customer consigned LCD panel
  • AMT tape bonding or optical bonding of touch panel and LCD panel

We complete the lamination of the touch components and LCD panel at the same time and perform comprehensive quality control to ensure product reliability and durability.

We also released TDS designed for standard specifications suitable for most customers. The first standard models available are the AP070 (7″) and AP101 (10.1″) TDS products. These products utilize AMT PCAP touch panels and PenMount PCAP touch control boards and customers can choose tape bonding or optical bonding. AMT TDS’s LCD panels are high brightness LCDs (500 nits) with 1024 X 600 resolution, LVDS interface, and wide viewing angle. We guarantee a long-term 5 year supply, conforming to general industrial specifications.

7″ and 10.1″ Touch Displays


  • 7” LCD with LED backlight
  • Projected Capacitive Touch Solution (Touch panel + Controller + Firmware + Driver + Utility)
  • Optical Bonding
  • Color Décor Glass surface finish (optional)
  • Value added (optional):
  • Low Reflective
    – Anti-UV
    – Virtual Key
    – Others

AP070 7″ Touch Display Datasheet AP101 10.1″ Touch Display Datasheet

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