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In addition to the standard 4-5-8-wire resistive touch panels, AMT has developed several value-added resistive touch products to meet the needs of various applications and specifications. For instance, Low-reflective (LR) touch panels can be used with LCDs to significantly reduce reflectivity, making them a favored choice for outdoor systems that are exposed to direct sunlight. Glass-Film-Glass (GFG) touch panels possess an added layer of thin glass or HD (Heavy Duty) film on the touch surface. The high surface hardness conferred by this addition not only makes GFG products resistant to scratches, chemicals, and high temperatures, but also easy to clean. GFG products are therefore suited for industrial, medical, or food equipment, and other products which need to operate in harsh environments such as transportation. Increasingly, many new touch products have opted for a bezel-free design. AMT has developed a line of true-flat resistive touch panels to meet the needs of this trend.

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