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9.7″ Display Module

The ED097TC2 is a reflective electrophoretic E Ink technology display module based on active matrix TFT substrate. It has 9.7″ active area with 1200 x 825pixels, and the display is capable to display images at 2-16 gray levels (1-4 bit) depending on the display controller and the associated waveform file it used.


  • High contrast TFT reflective/electrophoretic technology
  • 1200 x 825 resolution
  • Ultra wide viewing angle
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Pure reflective mode
  • Bi-stable
  • Commercial temperature rage
  • Landscape, portrait mode
  • Antiglare hard-coated front-surface
  • Glass substrate

Package content:

  • 9.7˝ ePaper Display (ED097TC2)
  • FPC Adapter

ED097TC2 User Manual

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