Display & Touch

4×16 and 2×16 in one Display

Super flat and compact with SPI and I²C bus interface. Perfect for 19″ and handheld applications. Various multi colored backlights.

With its EA DOG series, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY presents the world’s first display series which will run on 3.3 V systems without auxiliary power. Unlike normal LCD modules, you order the display and the corresponding backlight separately. This gives you a wealth of possible combinations. Designed for compact hand-held devices, this modern LCD range provides a number of real benefits with or without backlight.

  • 4×16 alternatively 2×16 or 3×16
  • SPI and I²C bus interface
  • Resizable Characters Height
  • European
  • Cyrillic
  • 3.3V single supply
  • Different colors

EA DOGS164-A Datasheet

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