Display & Touch

12.3″/19.2″ Bar-Type Industrial Display and Pcap touch

We offer two different sizes Bar Type TFT with or without Pcap 12.3″ W Bar-Type and 19.2″W Bar-Type in order to meet special requirements for industrial applications in factory automation, transportation or public information system.

P/N Size LCD Brightness Resolution Operating Temp °C Touch technology Glass & Interface
FLC-1234ML8000SA1 12.3″W Bar 850 1920 x 720 -30 ~85 None
FLD-1234ML81PCSA1 12.3″W Bar 850 1920 x 720 -30 ~80 Pcap 1.8 Black Combo USB -I2C
FLC-1927TL8000SA1 19.2″W Bar 300 1920 x 360 -0 ~50 None
FLD-1927ML81PCSA1 19.2″W Bar 300 1920 x 360 -0 ~50 Pcap 3.2 Black Combo USB -I2C


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