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10.1″ up to 23.8″ Standard and Customized Touch Displays

Alcom has selected six sizes (from 10.1″ to 23.8″) of industrial-grade LCDs in combination of AMT Resistive or PCAP touchscreens, controllers, drivers and bonding service which allow us to offer best-in-class touch display total solutions. These industrial-grade LCD panels provide wide temperature range, high brightness, wide view angle and long-lasting service life is proven to work with all embedded system use. To more accurately meet customers’ industrial needs, AMT also offers flexible and value-added options, as well as the following customized services: PhotoReal décor glass, backlight enhancement, low reflective, anti-UV, and virtual key. The Touch Display Product is ideal for embedded applications offering customers maximum flexibility for their customized design.

  • 10.1″ Touch Display
  • 15″ Touch Display
  • 15.6″ Touch Display
  • 18.5″ Touch Display
  • 21.5″ Touch Display
  • 23.8″ Touch Display

Standard and Customized Touch Displays

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