Serial and Parallel Flash

What is SuperFlash® Technology?


SuperFlash® technology is an innovative and versatile type of NOR Flash. SuperFlash technology uses a proprietary split-gate cell architecture which provides superior performance, data retention, and reliability over conventional stacked gate Flash.


SuperFlash® Technology Overview


Serial and parallel flash memory products are an excellent choice for applications requiring superior performance, excellent data retention and high reliability.




  • Broad offering of Serial SPI, SQI™, and Parallel NOR Flash products
  • Industry fastest program and erase times
  • Excellent reliability and data retention
  • Low power consumption
  • Small package offerings
  • Integrated security and memory protection features


Parallel vs. Serial SPI vs. Serial SQI™ Flash Devices


NOR Flash is available with either a serial or parallel bus interface. The choice of which bus to use is often dictated by the required data rates of the application as well as the amount of available I/O on the microcontroller and the board space available. With the ongoing demand for smaller and cheaper products, more designs are now being switched to a serial interface to reduce board space and component price.


Parallel   Serial SPI
Data Throughput       High           Medium
Pin Count                     32+            8+
Package Size                Large         Small
Power Consumption  Medium    Low
Cost                                High          Low

Today’s microcontrollers are often bond pad-limited. This means that the size of the die is limited by the space needed for bond pads rather than for the microcontroller gates / circuitry. Eliminating bond pads results in a smaller die, increasing the amount of die on a wafer and resulting in reduced cost per die. Additionally, more pins increase the assembly and packaging costs of both the microcontroller and the memory. This is why there has been a major shift from using parallel Flash to using serial Flash. However, switching to fewer pins means lower data throughput. In order to offset this, a quad I/O serial interface is being used in the latest serial devices to create SQI™ Flash devices.



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