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Ambient Light and Proximity Sensor


AMIC Technology Corp. announces the availability of the ASR-8600 light sensor. Detecting ambient light, solar-UV, IR as well as full proximity functionality makes the ASR-8600 an all-in-one solution for applications requiring presence detection. The ASR-8600 offers auto-scale-control (ASC) with exceptional dynamic range of 16-bits, up to 64K lux. Together with the built-in PS auto-trim function accurate measurements of object presence, distance and position has now become feasible. The ASR-8600 is offered in a 6 path DFN (Dual-Flat-No-leads) package measuring 2.5mm x 2mm square. With the built-in I2C interface controlling the ASR-8600 with micro controllers will be an easy migration.


Key Features:


  • User trimming capable for overlay or environment correction
  • I2C digital Interface up to 400KHz with Interrupt Pin
  • Wait-time range from 0 to 5 seconds to save power
  • 50/60Hz flicker noise rejection
  • VDD = 2.5V to 3.6V
  • Temperature compensation : -40°C to +85°C
  • Low Power consumption
  • Package option:
    – 6-pin OCDFN (2mm x 2.5mm x 0.8mm)
    – All Pb-free (Lead-free) Products are RoHS2.0 Compliant




  • Notebook / Monitor
  • Smart phone (touch screen disable and backlight control)
  • LCD display (backlight control)
  • Table PC
  • PDA
  • Presence Detection
  • Industrial sensor


Datasheet ASR8600

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