Remote Temperature Sensors IC

Remote Temperature Sensors IC


Microchips remote temp sensors are digital temp sensors for monitoring multiple heat sources.  The I2C™ / SMBus sensors deliver +/-1 C maximum accuracy performance.  For placement on a large circuit board or off-board with connectors, the remote temperature sensor can reach hundreds of feet.  By utilizing resistance error correction (REC), series resistance effects can be eliminated up to 100 Ω automatically, while maintaining +/-1 C.  For advance processors, the remote temperature sensing can connect to substrate diode pins and use beta compensation to measure temperatures on  CPU, GPU, FPGAs and ASICs.


Digital Temp Sensors


Microchip Technology Inc. offers 2 channels temp sensors, 3 channel temp sensors, 4 channel temp sensors and up to 8 channel temp sensors.Remote temperature sensors are 1C accurate digital temperature sensors. The I2C™ / SMBus sensors include resistance error correction and beta compensation.


Remote Temperature Sensor IC


  • Up to 8 monitoring channels
  • Automatically determines remote diode type settings
  • Resistance error correction to 100Ω
  • Supports BJT/Transistor model for CPU, GPU, FPGA
  • Anti-parallel diode for extra diode support
  • Programmable Ideality Factor
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