ProSLIC Voice Solutions

ProSLIC Voice Solutions

The ProSLIC® family of subscriber line interface circuits (SLICs) provides complete analog telephone interfaces ideal for customer premise equipment (CPE), enterprise and central office applications. These highly-integrated SLICs offer global compliance using a single hardware design and bill-of-materials while reducing the PCB size and cost per channel.

Family # of Channels Interface Max Vbat (V) Lower-Cost Capacitive Boost dc-dc Controller Option Smart Ringing Package Size (mm) Package Type
Next Generation Si3218x Single-Chip ProSLICs NEW Single PCM or ISI -106 Yes No 5 x 6
6 x 6
Next Generation Si3228x Dual-Chip ProSLICs NEW Dual ISI
-106 Yes Yes 7 x 7
8 x 8
Si3217x Single-Chip ProSLICs Single PCM or ISI -140 No No 5 x 7 LGA42
Si3226x Single-Chip Dual ProSLICs Dual PCM or ISI -140 No No 6 x 8
8 x 8
Si3239x Analog Interface ProSLICs Dual or Single Analog -136 No No 6 x 6 QFN48

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