Power/Current Sensors

Power/Current Sensors


Microchip’s power and current measurement IC products offer: Measuring dynamic power and longer sampling intervals compared to industry norm, as well as excellent sensors to collect data.


Systems designers know that before they can manage power, they first need to measure it.   These power monitoring ICs measure power, voltage and current, while providing the calculated power over an I2C interface.


Power consumption figures into cost of ownership for many industries: networking, communication, and computing.  By means of active configuration over the I2C, these power monitors can help conserve power.  With this in mind, systems can be designed for lower or higher power, voltage, and current case scenarios.


These I2C power monitors are based on the traditional high-side current sensor.  The current monitors can measure voltage rails from 0V to 40V.  Several of the devices also come with temperature sensors for where we see high power we need thermal management.


Power/Current Monitors with I2C:


  • Calculates power
  • Measures up to 40V
  • No filter circuits required
  • Sampling intervals up to 2 seconds
  • Peak detection with duration setting
  • Zero drift architecture


Analog High Side Current Monitors:


  • Supply 8.0 to 450V
  • Typical gain: 1.0 or 5.0
  • Max VSENSE 500mV
  • Fast rise / fall times, 700ns to 2.0µs
  • Voltage output option HV7802


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