Peripheral ICs

DB-Series Power Switch ICs

DB-Series Power Switch ICs ICs are designed for industrial control applications requiring a digital current output of up to 200 mA. They feature transient protection to meet rigid EMC and ESD standards, thermal shutdown for temperature protection, reverse battery protection, a regulated voltage output, an on-chip LED driver, and short-circuit protection for an output transistor. The DB001-00 is designed to complement the AD9xx-00 short-circuit protected GMR Switch to create a very small combination for miniature sensor assemblies. The DB002-02 is designed to provide a high-current output from from any digital input, including inductive or photo sensors.

DC-Series Voltage Regulators

DC-Series voltage regulators are designed for high voltage, low current applications. They allow up to 60 V input voltage range and meet applicable 42 V automotive standards. They are available in 3.3 V and 5.0 V outputs and feature excellent transient immunity and reverse battery protection. A 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm TDFN6 package provides a small footprint, and an exposed lead frame allows for heat sinking.

DD-Series Signal Processing ICs for Analog GT Sensors

DD-Series Signal Processing ICs are designed to complement ABL-Series GT Sensors to provide a highly-stable current-modulated digital output signal for ABL-Series sensors or other sinusoidal output sensors.

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