Operational Amplifiers (Op Amp)

Microchip’s linear portfolio features the world’s highest performing operational amplifier (op amp) technology that offers industry leading offset voltage and quiescent current specifications. With Gain-Bandwidth products (GBWP) ranging from 9 kHz -410 MHz, Microchip’s Op Amps feature the lowest quiescent current (IQ) for a given GBWP, making them the perfect solution low power applications that demand extended battery runtime.


General Purpose Amplifiers


GBWP from 9 kHz to 410 MHz Operating voltage as low as 1.4V Supply current as low as 450 nA Enhanced EMI Rejection


Precision Amplifiers


VOS less than 150 µV Ultra Low Quiescent Current Temperature Range of -40°C to +125°C


Zero Drift Amplifiers


High DC Precision VOS as low as 2 µV Low offset drift 50 nV/°C Superior CMRR/PSRR Low Quiescent Current

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