Multimodem Boxes

MultiModem® II

MultiModem® II (MT5600BA Series) corporate modem delivers fast data/fax and remote configuration for centralized set up/upgrades. LCD panel displays configurations and diagnostics.

  • Save time with fast data and fax communications
  • Set-up and manage your devices from one central location
  • Enables wide-scale deployment


MultiModem® ZBA

MultiModem® ZBA (MT9234ZBA Series) provides high speed data/fax capabilities, remote configuration for centralized set up and management, call back security. Globally approved for worldwide business.

  • Supports out of band management and increased upload speeds
  • Reduces fax transmission time by more than half compared to traditional fax modems
  • Offers centralized setup and management


MultiModem® ZDX


Get the highest-speed dial-up for integrated voice, data and fax communications for the PC market and UNIX, medical and retail point of sale (POS) applications. (MT5656ZDX Series) Learn more.

  • Access the Internet at the fastest dial-up speeds
  • Improves data throughput rates
  • Small footprint and stackable design

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