Moneta Ultra low power



Adesto introduces the Moneta™ RM3000 and RM3300 series product families; the world’s lowest power non-volatile memory. With the ability to Read and Write at 50-100x lower power than comparable memory products, Moneta memory is uniquely suited to new, ultra-low energy IoT electronics and enables applications never before possible in energy harvesting and other energy-conscious system designs.




  • Ultra-low power/low energy operation extends system battery life
  • Automatic Ultra Deep Power Down between operations
  • RM3000 – Read Power: 10 µW, Write Power: 7.5µW Ultra-Deep Power Down: 0.05 µW
  • RM3300 – Read Power: 15 µW, Write Power: 25µW Ultra-Deep Power Down: 0.09 µW
  • 128-byte, One-Time Programmable (OTP) Security Register for authentication and serialization
  • Write protect of the entire memory array
  • Available in SPI protocol

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