Flexible Active Matrix

Mobius is a new flexible display that uses flexible TFT technology that is better suited for large format ePaper devices, allowing designers to create a rugged, lightweight device.



The size of the display is one of the biggest determining factors on a product size. The weight of a glass based TFT grows as the square of its diagonal dimension. This can significantly affect the end weight of a device. However, plastic-based TFTs eliminate the need for glass, and can significantly reduce the weight of a display. A 13.3″ EPD using Mobius weighs ~63g. In contrast, a 13.3″ glass-based EPD display weighs 144g.


Technology Challenges

However, there are several challenges to manufacturing TFTs on non-glass substrates. E Ink and many other companies have worked on flexible displays for several years, and Mobius is the first plastic-based TFT product offered by E Ink in mass production. Sony developed this revolutionary new TFT technology, in partnership with E Ink. Mobius displays consist of a plastic TFT laminated to an E Ink front plane laminate (FPL).


Lowest Power Consumption

E Ink makes the lowest power displays in the eReader industry. Mobius displays are just as low power as other E Ink Displays. Unlike other technologies, E Ink is bistable, which means it needs no power to hold an image or page of text. Learn more about how our ink significantly prolongs your battery life on our technology page.


Specs of an E Ink Mobius display, utilizing our Pearl FPL:

Display Size: 1.73″ 13.3″
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels 1600 x 1200 pixels
Grayscale: 16 levels 16 levels
Brightness: 69.5 L* WS 69.5 L* WS
Contrast: 10:1 10:1



E Ink Mobius Displays are ideal for a variety of dynamic content applications including:

  • eReaders
  • Educational devices, such as eTextbooks
  • eNewspapers & eMagazines
  • Business Devices
  • Smartphones – Primary & Secondary display
  • Smartphone accessories.

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