medical grade wifi

Medical Grade Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi® infrastructure is very well deployed in the healthcare markets today. The American Medical Association estimates 1 million new Wi-Fi network installations in 2015. The Healthcare IT needs several of the medical devices and applications to be on the Wi-Fi Network to support Electronic Medical Records and Information Systems. This brings efficiency to deliver better patient care, faster recovery and better workflow. Hence, driving the need for Medical devices connectivity solutions using Wi-Fi.


The Medical device connectivity solutions in a healthcare environment have some very unique requirements that a Wi-Fi solution must address. The Redpine Signals Medical Grade Wi-Fi module addresses all such unique requirements


Among the top requirements unique to healthcare are guaranteed availability of connectivity at all locations within the defined clinical zone, availability at all times, devices’ mobility, security of data collection and transmission to backend medical record database, low power for battery operated devices and bandwidth needs. The Medical Grade Wi-Fi module from Redpine Signals provides


  • Advanced Roaming Feature: This helps the medical devices to be mobile and always connected to the hospital IT systems. . The advanced roaming feature ensures reliable connectivity, when patient are mobile without any disconnects or loss of data. The advanced roaming feature implemented inside the module is a fully certified and deployed solution in healthcare for VoWiFi use case application.
  • Enterprise Security: The healthcare IT key requirement is to have devices and solutions comply to HIPAA in order to ensure patient data security. The Wi-Fi Enterprise class security encryption protocol WPA2 and authentication methods meet the critical patient data security requirements. These protocols and authentication schemes are compatible to the hospital infrastructure solution from vendors like Cisco. The Redpine Signals medical grade Wi-Fi module is the industry’s first fully embedded Enterprise Security solution. A variant of solution also can run on a host processor.
    Variants are also available with compliance to FIPS 140-2 security requirements.
  • 2.4/5 GHz Dual Band : In a hospital Wi-Fi infrastructure 2.4 GHz band can become fully congested because of Smart phones, Tablets, IT systems and BYOD (bring your own device) trends. This can become further congested by other wireless protocols like Bluetooth operated devices. In such situations, the 5 GHz band has advantages like increased channels and less congestions make is almost interference free band. Due to more channels the bandwidth is high in this band. The Medical grade Wi-Fi module from Redpine Signals supports dual band operation to provide better reliability and interference free transmission of patient data.
  • Low Power Wi-Fi: Some of the battery operated medical devices need low power wireless radio to preserve the battery life. The Medical grade Wi-Fi module has special power management techniques incorporated along with low power radio characteristics to meet this unique requirement.

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