LED Entertainment

Luminus LEDs are adding new dimensions to entertainment lighting. The Luminus range of unencapsulated LEDs are high flux devices designed specifically for efficient coupling through narrow beam spot systems.


Luminus white LEDs for entertainment Lighting applications provide very high lumen density in a compact emission area enabling, for the first time, the replacement of 175 W, 250W and even 575 W HID lamps in moving head spot luminaires.


Luminus Color Mix LEDs are enabling high output fixtures with digital color tuning, punchy high quality white and freedom from color shadows by providing thousands of lumens from the smallest possible emitting area.


Whether you need white or RGBW sources, Luminus offers a differentiated portfolio that can enable your next generation fixture. Luminus continues to innovate with new colors, white points and package designs, all focused toward putting more high quality light onto the stage or set.


Luminus LEDs have been developed to enable our customers in realizing:

  • Color mixed wash lights
  • Gobo spot lights
  • Fresnels
  • Lekos
  • Cyc lights
  • Effects lights
  • PARs


White LEDs for Entertainment



Color LEDs for Entertainment



Color Mix LEDs for Entertainment


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