LED Drivers


  • Active PFC ? LT40
  • Voltage and current regulation within one design
  • High Efficiency up to 91%
  • Compact Design:
    21x30mm (LT10-LT60)
    24x30mm (LT100)
  • Fastening by screws, rivets, cable straps or clips
  • Minimal output tolerances
  • LED dimmable with DALI, 1-10V or Switch-Dim via connectable DIMMbox
  • Voltage and current adjustable in production process via laser trimming
  • Overload protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Continuously Short Circuit Proof



Stockno Description Output voltage Output current* Dimensions
LTUP*** 10/20 Watt
Water proof
1896539 LT10-12 8-12VDC 0-1000mA 51x25x48mm
1896408 LT10-24UP 8-24VDC 0-500mA 51x25x48mm
1895582 LT10-36UP 8-37VDC 0-350mA 51x25x48mm
1897067 LT20-36/600UP 15-37VDC 0-600mA 51x35x48mm
1896409 LT20-24UP 12-24VDC 0-850mA 51x35x48mm
1895583 LT20-31UP 15-31VDC 0-700mA 51x35x48mm
1897066 LT10-36/300UP 8-37VDC 0-300mA 51x25x48mm
LT10 10 Watt
1895008 LT10-32 2-30VDC 350mA 120x30x21mm
1895089 LT10-16 1-15VDC 700mA 120x30x21mm
LT20 20 Watt
1894910 LT20-24 24VDC 833mA 153x30x21mm
1894611 LT20-28 5-28VDC 350-700mA 153X30X21mm
1894612 LT20-40 10-40VDC 200-500mA 153x30x21mm
1895013 LT20-48 48VDC 417mA 153x30x21mm
1894613 LT20-48 15-48VDC 100-350mA 153x30x21mm
LT40 40 Watt
1894973 LT40-24 24VDC 1460mA 188x30x21mm
1894614 LT40-24 10-24VDC 700-1400mA 188x30x21mm
1894615 LT40-36 15-36VDC 500-1050mA 188x30x21mm
1894616 LT40-48 22-48VDC 350-700mA 188x30x21mm
LT40 IP67 40 Watt
Water proof
1894660 LT40-24 IP67 10-24VDC 700-1400mA 200x30x21mm
1894661 LT40-36 IP67 15-36VDC 500-1050mA 200x30x21mm
1894662 LT40-48 IP67 22-48VDC 350-700mA 200x30x21mm
LT60 60 Watt
1894681 LT60-24 24VDC 2500mA 240x30x21mm
1895136 LT60-36 20-36VDC 700-1200mA 240x30x21mm
1895106 LT60-48 32-48VDC 700-1200mA 240x30x21mm
LT60 SQ 60 Watt
1895373 LT60SQ-36 20-36VDC 1100-1600mA 130x60x21mm
LT60 DPA** 60 Watt
1895499 LT60 DPA 18-42VDC 1400mA 170x100x30mm
LT100 100 Watt
1894680 LT100-24 24VDC 4200mA 305x30x24mm

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