LCD Solutions

LCD Solutions


Segmented displays are used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from meters to portable medical devices to thermostats to exercise equipment. PIC® microcontrollers with integrated LCD drivers can directly drive segmented displays with letters, numbers, characters and icons. Developed to meet the low power design requirements, these MCUs help extend battery life in end applications. LCD PIC microcontrollers offer easy and scalable LCD solutions.




  • Direct drive for segmented LCD
  • Flexible LCD segments
  • 28 pin, up to 60 segments
  • 44 pin, up to 96 segments
  • 64 pin, up to 240 segments
  • 80 pin, up to 368 segments
  • 100 pin, up to 480 segments
  • 121 pin, up to 512 segments




  • Voltage bias generation minimizes external components
  • RTCC for low-cost real-time clock and calendar
  • mTouch® capacitive touch sensing for developing human interface applications


Low Power


  • eXtreme Low Power (XLP) LCD MCUs
  • Drive LCD while conserving power in sleep mode
  • Software contrast control
  • Battery backup using VBAT with RTCC


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