InQor DC-DC Converters

The InQor® Series is composed of next-generation, board-mountable, isolated, fixed switching frequency DC‑DC converters that use synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high power conversion efficiency. Each module is supplied completely encased to provide protection from harsh environments.


Product Highlights


  • High Efficiency at Full Rated Current
  • Delivers Maximum Output Current with Minimal Derating
  • Wide Operating Input Voltage Range
  • Fixed Frequency Switching Provides Predictable EMI Performance
  • No Minimum Load Requirements
  • Conduction Cooled, Ruggedized Package

  • High Power Density Means Smaller Size, More Board Area for Other Functions
  • Low Weight Reduces Strain During Vibration
  • Wide Range of Output Voltages from 1.2-50Vout
  • SynQor’s Proven Designs Lead to High Reliability and Quality
  • Single Board Production – Short Lead Times & Flexibility
  • Manufacturing Excellence – High Level of Automation Improves Lead Times, Flexibility and Reliability
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