High Rel, COTS Bricks (AC/DC, DC-DC)

Astrodyne TDI’s High Rel encapsulated brick power modules are frequently chosen for use as components in commercial off-the-shelf military power systems and commercial aerospace applications. Outstanding electrical performance, coupled with mechanical packaging features such as insulated metal substrates, planar magnetics and thermally conductive potting make these the bricks of choice for high performance, high power density systems. Electrical performance features such as high efficiency and superior thermal design make the bricks easy to cool in closed box applications, where air flow is limited, or in any such applications where ambient temperatures are high. We offer a range of standard power products which are easily integrated into complete power systems, satisfying the most demanding requirements.
Many systems are installed in environments where they are exposed to the natural elements including extreme temperatures and moisture. These extreme environments often demand that systems be fully enclosed with only baseplate cooling. Power products, which generate a great deal of heat, must be designed to not only withstand these environments, but provide long-term performance and reliability. Our AC/DC, PFC and DC/DC high-reliability/COTS converters range from -40 to +100°C for use in military, industrial, commercial aerospace and other harsh-environment applications.


  • High Efficiency, High Reliability
  • Superior Thermal Design keeps bricks cool in harsh/extreme conditions
  • 40-1000 Watts
  • -40°C to +100°C Operation
  • PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Broad Range of Standard Power Products
  • Ideal for N+1 Redundancy Power Schematics
  • Custom Design Services

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