High Density DC/DC

Astrodyne TDI’s line of DC/DC converters provide both a high performance and cost effective power conversion solutions for telecommunications, industrial, data acquisition, embedded systems, or any application where efficient distributed power is required. Our 0.75 watt to 350 watt power offering gives you the flexibility of high density, wide input range converters in fully encapsulated SIP, DIP, Standard 1” x 2” and ½ Brick modules as well as open frame with integral heatsink and cage-enclosed styles. The modules and open frames are PCB mounted while the enclosed modules offer screw terminals for Input/Output connectability.


  • 0.75W to 350W Output Power
  • Single or Multiple Point-Of-Load Application
  • Wide Range of Outputs From 1.1VDC to 118VDC
  • Isolation Up To 1,500Volts
  • Regulated Outputs
  • SIP, DIP, ½ Brick Modular and Open Frame Packages

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