GU-TFT Series

Stable Operation

No interference from gloves or liquid. Maintains a smooth HMI


Adaptable Sensitivity 5mm

Variable projection radius. Tested up to a 5mm acrylic overlay without affecting touch response under factory conditions.


Multiple Touches

Handles up to 10 concurrent touches at a time.


Easily Cleaned

Glass surface is damage-resistant and tolerant to chemical cleaning solutions.


Simple Interface

Command-based controls are easily driven by off-the-shelf MCUs


Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch

Two metallized layers(x-y) are overlaid onto an LCD screen. These thin-film metallic panels have a lower impedance than typical ITO** touch panels. This allows for a higher S/N ratio, wider touch sense margin, and better overall sensitivity.
** ITO = Indium Tin Oxide

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