Gaggione Reflectors

The optical design concept results from close collaboration between optical, plastics and coating engineers and experts all focused on the same goal: a maximum of efficiency in a minimum of depth.
Our hybrid reflector is the addition of a Fresnel lens and a reflector itself.
Some different windows can be clipped on the reflector to move from a Narrow beam (15°) to Medium (30°) or a Large beam angle (60°). From one mechanical design, 3 different solutions are available to cover any needs.
All reflectors are Silver coated to reach 93% of reflectivity in the visible and IR. A protective layer is also included to increase the durability of the reflector.


LEDnLIGHT welcomes a new range of 111mm hybrid reflectors for COB LED: a standard AR111 for retrofit and a full 111mm diameter for new design opportunities.



Reflectors Datasheet

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