Fusion serial flash


“Fusion” Serial Flash memory products are designed for use in a wide variety of high-volume, consumer applications such as wearable, mobile, and other energy conscious designs in which program code is shadowed from Flash into embedded or external RAM for execution. Flexible erase architectures also make this memory ideal for data storage, with page erase and block erase sizes optimized to meet the needs of today’s code and data storage applications. Enhanced features include ultra-deep power down and uniform 256-byte page erase. AT25XE products feature ultra low-energy operation for active current in Read, Program and Erase operations, as well as improved standby energy consumption. Increased memory space efficiency allows additional code routines and data storage segments to be added while maintaining overall device density. AT25XV products feature extended (1.65-4.4V) Vcc. The device contains a specialized One-Time Programmable (OTP) security register usable for unique device serialization, system-level electronic serial number storage, and locked key storage.



  • Single 1.65-3.6V or 2.3V – 3.6V or 1.65V – 4.4V supply
  • Low power operation extends system battery life
  • Ultra-deep power down operates at <300nA
  • Page erase enables faster programming and updates
  • High-temperature compatibility (AT25xxHR products)
  • Ultra low energy consumption for Read, Erase, Progam and Standby current (AT25XE products)
  • Comprehensive security and unique ID features protect the device from outside tampering

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