FM Radios

FM Radios

The FM radio receiver families leverage digital integration and 100% CMOS process technology to deliver a completely integrated solution that requires only one external supply bypass capacitor and less than 10mm² of board space.

FM Radio Receivers

Part Number Description
Si4702 FM Receiver
Si4703 FM Receiver with RDS
Si4704 FM Receiver, no external antenna required
Si4705 FM Receiver with RDS, no external antenna required
Si4706 Enhanced FM RDS/TMC Reciever with RDS, no external antenna required
Si4707 Weather band radio receiver
Si4708 FM Receiver, small footprint for portable devices
Si4709 FM Receiver, small footprint and RDS for portable devices


FM Radio Transmitters

Part Number Description
Si4710 FM Transmitter
Si4711 FM Transmitter with RDS
Si4712 FM Transmitter with Receive Power Scan (RPS)
Si4713 FM Transmitter with RDS and Receive Power Scan (RPS)


FM Radio Transceivers

Part Number Description
Si4720 FM Tx/Rx with Receive Power Scan
Si4721 FM Tx/Rx with RDS and Receive Power Scan

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