enterprise grade wifi

Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi

The current enterprise environment is exploding with devices used by corporate and bring your own devices (BYOD) trends. All these devices connect to the Enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure. This along with VoWiFi phones and wireless conference systems makes Enterprise Wi-Fi requirements very stringent. The Redpine Signals Enterprise Grade modules are designed to meet the Enterprise level stringent requirements. These modules are fully certified solutions.


The key requirements for Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi are


    • Advanced Roaming: The advanced roaming feature ensures reliable connectivity without any loss of data for enterprise applications like Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi). The advanced roaming feature implemented inside the module is a fully certified and deployed solution in healthcare for VoWiFi applications.


    • Enterprise Class Security: The enterprise needs robust security which is enabled on Redpine modules by Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2). The industry’s first embedded WPA2 security module provides a key advantage in Enterprise Deployments. This ensures only authorized personnel access the network in Healthcare and industrial deployments. The modules have special features which do not allow WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) an obsolete security method. It also disallows storing of Open Access points in the configuration. The WPA2 enterprise security support ensures that data is encrypted and Network access is authenticated properly.


  • Cisco CCX compliance: The majority of enterprises use Cisco WLAN infrastructure. The Cisco WLAN infrastructure supports enhanced security, reliable mobility, network management applications and Quality of Service (QoS). To ensure that Wi-Fi devices and their radios interoperated well with Cisco WLAN infrastructure, Cisco has enabled a program called Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX). The Enterprise Grade modules designed by Redpine Signals can be used to achieve CCX compliance.

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