Embedded RF Modules/Modems

Embedded RF Modules/Modems

Digi offers a variety of robust wireless RF modules and modems for mission-critical embedded designs that are engineered to last. The globally trusted Digi XBee® module is available in through-hole and SMT form factors and is offered with multiple wireless interfaces including ZigBee®, Thread, 2.4GHz, 868 MHz, 900 MHz and cellular LTE Cat 1. Additional RF modules are available for applications in noisy, urban and remote rural environments that require long-range communication. Digi XBee modules share a common footprint for interoperability and compatibility with Digi RF gateways and accessories. Digi RF modules are ideal for industrial, energy, medical, retail, and smart city applications.


Digi XLR PRO® Module

1-Watt 900 MHz RF module features best-in-class range and interference immunity to enable data communications even in the noisiest RF environments.


  • Patented Punch2 Technology enables industry leading interference immunity and receive sensitivity of -120 dBm
  • Adjustable output power up to 1-Watt achieves exceptional range with high gain antenna
  • 128-bit AES encryption for secure data communications


Digi XBee® Cellular

Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 embedded modems provide OEMs with a simple way to integrate cellular connectivity into their devices.

  • Industry’s fastest path to embedded cellular connectivity
  • Smallest end-device certified embedded cellular modem on the market
  • FCC pre-certified and Verizon end-device certified


Digi XBee® SX

900 MHz OEM RF modules pack maximum power, security, and flexibility into the Digi XBee SMT footprint for mission-critical wireless designs.

  • SX family includes powerful 1-Watt 900 MHz Digi XBee-PRO and battery-optimized 20 mW Digi XBee modules for mission-critical OEM designs
  • DigiMesh networking topology for redundancy and reliability
  • 256-bit AES encryption for secure data communications


Digi XBee® ZigBee

Embedded ZigBee and Thread-ready RF modules provide OEMs with a simple way to integrate mesh technology into their application.

  • Programmable versions with on-board microprocessor enable custom ZigBee application development
  • Through-Hole and Surface Mount form factors enable flexible design options
  • Link budgets of 110 dB for XBee and 119 dB for XBee-PRO


Digi XBee-PRO® 900HP



Long Range 900 MHz OEM RF Module.

  • Superior LOS range of up to 28 miles with high-gain antenna
  • Simplified AT command set and advanced XBee API
  • Over-the-air firmware updates



Digi XBee® 802.15.4

Low-cost, easy-to-deploy RF modules provide critical end-point connectivity to devices and sensors.


  • Simple, out-of-the-box RF communications, no configuration needed
  • Point-to-multipoint network topology
  • 2.4 GHz for worldwide deployment


Digi XBee® DigiMesh® 2.4

Wireless Mesh Networking RF Module.

  • Dynamic peer-to-peer DigiMesh protocol
  • No configuration needed for out-of-the-box RF communications
  • 2.4 GHz globally deployable frequency


Digi XBee® 868LP

Low-Power RF module for Europe.

  • Low-power 868 MHz RF module for use in Europe
  • ADF7023 transceiver from Analog Devices
  • Pin-compatible SMT form factor for worldwide deployment


Digi XBee-PRO® XSC

900 MHz Long-Range RF Module.

  • For new designs that do not require interoperability with 9XStream radios, see XBee-PRO 900HP
  • Over-the-air compatibility with legacy 9XStream products
  • 20 times less current draw than previous XSC module



XTend® 900 MHz


1 Watt Long-Range OEM RF modules.


  • ISM 900 MHz operating frequency
  • 100 mW – 1 Watt power output (up to 40 mile range)
  • 256-bit AES Encryption



Digi XBee® Wi-Fi


OEM Module with Fully Integrated Support for Digi Device Cloud.

  • Build cloud-connected Wi-Fi prototypes in under an hour
  • Popular XBee Through-Hole and Surface-Mount footprints
  • Ideal for Industrial Applications that require fast time to market



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