Dynaload DC Electronic Loads

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Starting at 800 watts, Astrodyne TDI DC Dynaload eloads are available in single forced air-cooled mainframes (19″ 3U,5U,6U), multi-channel and paralleled units with master and slave control. For higher load capacity, Astrodyne TDI offers rack mounted loads that are uniquely water cooled with anti-condensation controls. A maximum of 10 mainframes, including a single master and 9 slaves can be chained together to create a total load capacity of 120kW. For higher power requirements, consult with Astrodyne TDI Dynaload expert for advice on a customized solution.


  • High Power Density – Parallel able to 120kW
  • High Reliability
  • Forced Air & Water-Cooled eLoad versions
  • Precision controlled plus (3) levels of range switching
  • High Accuracy and Resolution
  • Multi-channel, modularized structure
  • Five modes of operation: CC, CV, CP, CR and pulse frequency
  • GPIB (IEEE-488), RS232, and Ethernet (TCP and HTTP) Control
    (Consult product brochures for more detail)
  • Closed Box Calibration

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