Dot matrix Graphic Display

GU-D Series

  • Capacitive touch switch on VFD Module
  • Enhanced text commands
  • Graphic/Window commands
  • Unified command of Touch and Display
  • High S/N Ratio Metallic film panel


GU-7000 Series

  • Easy Graphic and Text Display
  • Useful graphic/window commands
  • Enhanced text commands
  • 1″ width compact model 144×16 dot
  • International and Asian CJK fonts
  • Parallel, serial and SPI interface


GU-3000 Series

  • Versatile Graphic Display
  • Enhanced text commands
  • Graphic/window commands
  • Standalone macro programming
  • Flash Mem, 12bit GPIO and DMA
  • International and Asian fonts


GU-800 Series: With Built-In Drivers

  • Featuring Chip in Glass Technology
  • Display Text & Graphics
  • Very High Brightness
  • Widest Viewing Angles
  • Wide Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
  • Displays All Languages


GU-U100 Series

  • Easy to read high contrast display.
  • High brightness. Unlike the LCD graphic display, only the dots that are ON are brighter, not the entire display.
  • Color filter can alter the illumination color and increase the contrast of the display.
  • Wide viewing angle display. The display content WILL NOT wash-out like the LCD graphic display.
  • Faster display response time and refresh rate allowing data to display clearly.

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