Cooliance Coolstrate

Coolstrate is silent, and designed to stay that way


  • Inaudible at one meter
  • No issues of resonance – multiple units mounted together are as silent as a single unit
  • Long-life motor design keeps our units silent for years


Coolstrate is reliable, well-exceeding the life of your light engine


  • Our fans are designed to operate trouble-free for over 60,000 hours
  • Our heavy-duty, high-density pin fin heat sinks are designed to eliminate internal dust build-up – our field tests prove it.
  • Our robust mounting clip protects the fan from shock and virtually eliminates accidental damage


Coolstrate is easy to use – we developed it with lighting designers in mind


  • No separate driver is required – you have the full range of choice for the driver that best meets your lighting requirements
  • Easy application testing – with a full range of standard sizes and multiple fan speeds, we make it easy for you to address the trade-offs between size constraints and power
  • Our 10mm, perfectly flat base gives you maximum security for reliable mounting of the array, as well as full freedom in hole placement for mounting points, wire guides and reflector attachments


Application Guide

Coolstrate Active Cooling Datasheet

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