AR Smart Glasses

J-Supporter Series J102 – Monocular Smart Glasses


The J102, a lightweight smart glass, the headset is made to be light and low-heat and can also be mounted upon eyeglass frames or hardhats, to suit different field conditions. The wireless connectivity function not only expand the scope of use but also boost the operation efficiency.


J-Reality Series J2 – MR Binocular Smart Glasses


J-Reality is a high-performance binocular smart glasses product with built-in Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor, LUMUS OE-50 Optical Engine and Stereo cameras. J-Reality is ideally compatible with Android and it is suited for building the augmented-reality (AR) apps. The next-generation smart glasses by Jorjin are highly integrated with I/O connectivity for external devices.


J4 Smart Glasses – USB-C Compatible Smart Glasses


J4 series work compatibly with Android mobile devices or a computing box to boost the AR applications. The see-through display applies AR technology to overlap virtual data over real world objects to assist workers in completing the daily tasks with ease. We bring AR to your industry through the J4, which is a powerful support tool for heads up, hands free work.

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