DC/DC Converter 750 VDC Input

DC/DC Converter 750 VDC Input

intreXis AG has designed a new and innovative flat battery start unit which is powered by the contact-line. The design of the converter is based on a innovative concept with Silicon-Carbide Schottky-diodes (SiC).
Power-supplies powered by the contact-line experience high energy surges, which cannot be absorbed with traditional techniques like varistors or transzorbs. An innovative, active Surgelimiter with outstanding advantages is implementet in the converter.

High input voltage converter 750 VDC, 250 W

Picture Part number Input voltage
Input voltage
Output 1 Output 2
IC501_3 750 VDC 400..1270 V +24V/250W
IC502 750 VDC 400…1270 V +36V/250W
IC503 750 VDC 400…1270 V +48V/250W
IC504 750 VDC 400…1270 V +72V/250W
IC505 750 VDC 400…1270 V +96V/250W
IC506_1 750 VDC 400…1270 V +110V/250W

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