DC/DC Converter Ultra Wide <10:1 input

DC/DC Converter Ultra Wide <10:1 input

The intreXis DC/DC-converters with ultra wide input range are optimally designed for the requirements according to EN 50155. Without change, the same converter can be operated at all nominal input-voltages of 24, 36, 48, 72 and 110 VDC. As a result, the number of converter-variants can be drastically reduced.


DC-DC Converter für Screen Board

DC DC Converter

Input voltage-range: 14.4–200 VDC

Special on/off-logic

Output voltages: 5 VDC, 12 VDC

Output power: 50 W

Efficiency: up to 87%

Operating temperature range: class TX -40°–85°C

DC-DC Converter für Speed Indicator

DC DC Converter

Input voltage-range: 12.0-184 VDC

Hold up time: 340 ms

Output voltage: 12 VDC

Output power: 15 W

Efficiency: up to 82%

Operating temperature range: class T3 -25°-85°C

Surge & Transients: RIA 12




Let us know your requirements – surely we have already a power supply which is similar to your specifications in terms of electrical parameters, the mechanics or the required standards. We are happy to present you other reference products. Contact us.

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